Wedding financing options


We all know romance is precious but let’s crunch some numbers. The average cost of a wedding in the US is about $20,000 with an average price of $307 for a guest. In some states, like Massachusetts and New Jersey, the prices are double when compared to the wedding costs in Arkansas or Mississippi.

On average, couples cover about 60% of their total wedding costs. The bride's parents pay for about 21%, while the groom's parents typically cover a bit less. Probably, to make up for a difference in the cost of a gown. Nevertheless, this 60% is coming up to a solid $12,000. And there are not that many young people in the country to just pull $6,000 out of their pockets for those precious memories they are about to create.

So, how can one lower or eliminate the cost of a wedding? There are several ways to pay for the wedding if you don’t want to spend your life savings or don’t have any savings to spend.


A good-old “get now, pay later”. Nothing to explain here – pay for your dream wedding, have a wonderful time with your friends and family, and pay for it in monthly installments.

1. Get a personal loan

You can apply for a wedding loan. It is a specially-purposed unsecured personal loan, in essence. To have a chance of getting approved, your credit score can’t be lower than 570, and the average is higher, about 670. If you qualify, you will receive a lump sum you can use to pay for your wedding expenses and later return in monthly payments.

2. Get a loan from direct lenders

If your credit score is less than 570, you don’t stand a chance of getting a loan from the bank. But you can address the direct lenders and ask for a few thousand dollar loan from them.

3. Use credit cards

The middle ground of the two mentioned above – credit cards. Look for a card offering a cashback, with the money you are about to spend in a few months of wedding preparations, even a 1% of cashback might be a pleasant surprise.


Nothing says “true love” more clearly than denouncing the earthly pleasures and having a humble wedding with just a few closest friends and family members.

1. Have a simple wedding

Family home backyard, phone pictures, vintage gown, informal party – it is light, refreshing, and is not a potential financial disaster. No, your friends from high school won’t be impressed, probably you won't have room to invite them anyway. But if you are far from tradition and don’t mind doing most of the work yourself, why not give it a thought?

2. Have a Vegas wedding

It can be anything from romantically sneaking out and eloping (probably igniting wrath in your parents and disappointing your potential maid of honor to tears) to actually having a small ceremony with all the necessary bits. Chapels in Vegas offer a basic package for $400 and they might sweeten the deal with special offers and extensions. Yes, it sounds cheesy and not at all unique. But maybe it’s the whole point – doing things casually and a bit tipsy.

Try your luck

Speaking of Vegas, you can try to win your wedding. It might demand more preparation time and deprive you of the excruciating choices you have to make. But this wedding you will surely remember.

1. Try out for a reality TV or enter a competition

So many channels, so many shows, and they are constantly searching for new protagonists. If you like being in the center of a room and you don’t mind the exposure, give it a shot. Put that smile on, make a demo and send it out. You can be the lucky one to save thousands on this dream dress or even get the whole wedding covered. Competitions are held by wedding planners, venues, and gown shops. It may take months before something comes up, but saving money sometimes means spending time.

2. Crowdfund and look for a sponsor

If you don't want to wait for a sponsor to pick you, you can start your own campaign. Start a draft on any of the crowdfunding platforms and you might become the next potato salad boy. Or, if you feel confident, send out your proposal to your favorite company. It can be a beer label, chocolate brand, or literally anything else. Try local before you go national. Pick a theme, create a clear proposal and try to make it interesting to them from the marketing point of view.

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